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            Delegation of China Sport Science Society attended the 2012 National Convention of AAHPERD


            Mar. 13-17, 2012, Zhu Li, vice president of China Sport Science Society (CSSS) and Cheng Xin, vice secretary-general of CSSS travelled to Boston, USA to attend the 2012 National Convention of American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) and talked with Mr. Paul Robert, the CEO of AAHPERD, Mr. Brad Strand, president of AAHPERD, and the former president Mrs. Vicki J. Worrel.

            The two sides consulted and achieved agreement on several items of the bilateral cooperation and development, then they renewed the bilateral agreement.

            Zhu Li and Cheng Xin also had a talk with Chinese experts in AAHPERD, and discussed on how to give full play to Chinese experts in promoting the sport scientific communication between China and USA.


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