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            Leeds Delegation visited CSSS


             On January 23th, Prof. Zhu Li, vice president of CSSS, met the Leeds Delegation in China Institute of Sport Science (CISS). Leeds Delegation with the head of Mr. Thomas Murray, the Mayor of Leeds City, had six delegations. The two parties had a friendly meeting in CISS. Mr. Yang Jie, Vice Secretary-General of CSSS, and Mr. Wang Gaohua, Dean of International Education College in Capital University of Physical Education and Sports, attended the meeting.

            Prof. Zhu Li presented the tasks, work contents and functions of CSSS and CISS to the Delegation. She also expressed the willingness on behalf of CSSS to build a platform for academic exchange, project cooperation, basic research and other kinds of communication between Chinese and British sport scientists, and promote the development of sport science and technology.

            Mayor Murray expressed deeply admiration for the support of China Sport science and technology for promoting the development of competitive sports and mass sports. He said University of Leeds is one of the best universities in UK, and the sport major of Leeds Metropolitan University, which ranks among the middle, even ranks second in UK. He will fully support the exchange and cooperation between Chinese sport universities, CSSS and these two Universities. And promote the development of sport science and technology on both sides.

            Last year, CSSS Delegation visited UK, which promoted the cooperation between the Capital University of Physical Education and Sports and Leeds Metropolitan University as an important achievement. On the meeting, Mr. Wang Gaohua and Mr. Andrea, Director of the International Department of Leeds Metropolitan University, initially identified cooperation.

            After the meeting, the delegation visited the psychological monitoring laboratory, exercise physiology laboratory, sports biomechanics laboratory and other facilities in CISS.


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