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            China Sport Science Society renewed the Academic Exchange Agreement with Finnish Society of Sport Sciences



            On Oct 9, Tian Ye the vice president and secretary-general of CSSS meet Kari Keskinen the secretary-general of Finnish Society of Sport Sciences.
            Prof. Tian Ye warmly welcomed Prof. Keskinens visit. He said, Finland and China has 10 years communication and cooperation in sport science and establish a deep friendship. Especially the China-Finland Sport Science Forum which Started in 2008, provided a good platform for Chinese and Finnish Scholars to share the information and exchange the methods, and made contribution for the sport science innovation of both countries.
            Prof. Keskinen deliver the hope of enhancing the cooperation between the 2 countries, he was also willing to assist China to extend the cooperation to other North European Countries as Norway, Sweden. He said, he expected even-deeper cooperation with China such as joint research project.
            On behalf of each society, Tian Ye and Kari Keskinen renewed the academic exchange agreement to 2017.


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