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            The 3rd China-Finland Sport Science Forum was held in Tianjin


            Sponsored by China Sport Science Society (CSSS) and The Finnish Society of Sport Sciences (LTS), and organized by Tianjin Sport University, the 3rd China-Finnish Sport Science Forum was In Tianjin and Beijing on June 14-15, 2012. The theme was Physical Education and Junior Fitness and Health.

            On the morning of June 14, the forum was opened in Tianjin Sport University. Zhu Li the vice president of CSSS and China Institute of Sport Science, Yao Jiaxin the standing committee member of CSSS and president of Tianjin Sport University and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. Over 100 representatives from China Institute of Sport Science, Beijing Sport University, Tianjin Sport University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, the LTS and Jyvaskyla University (Finland) attended the forum. The opening ceremony was moderated by Yang Jie the vice secretary-general of CSSS.

            After the opening ceremony, Prof. Jari Kanerva the education and communication department of LTS, Prof. Mirja Hirvensalo and Dr. Terhi Huovinen from Jyvaskyla University made reports on the skiing education in Finland, the measures in enhancing junior fitness and the achievements and challenges in physical education. Prof. Huang Yaling, Prof. Wang Mei, Prof. Wang Huilin, Associate Prof. Ma Xindong, Prof. Wang Xuguang and Dr. Wang Dongmin made reports on college student sport organizations, health behaviors of Beijing students, junior fitness health and college sports in China, Sunshine Sports, etc.

            After the report, the experts discussed on PE curriculum, school sport organization, student fitness health and college high level sports team, etc.

            On June 15, delegates in LTS came to Peking University discussing with Chinese teachers of PE department of Peking University, centered on PE curriculum, challenges in physical education and the path to success of athletes.


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