A Sensual and Erotic Way to Spice Up Any Adult Party!  

"The XXX Risk Level is so explicit
- It really gets HOT fast!"

I DARE You! The XXX Full Version

With XXX rated dares it is the Dirtiest Multi-Player
Adult Dare App - Ever!

This is the Full Adult version of the I Dare You! app. It has all the XXX dares enabled and will give you and your intimate friends the most erotic and exotic sexual activity dares ever deliver by an Android App! This is the app for you if your lover or intimate friends like to have erotic and playful fun at get-togethers.

Put the little ones to bed and have a night to remember! You will need the privacy! In this adult game, you may play the sensous "I Dare You! - XXX" or, for low key gaming, the standard classic "Spin the Bottle" by hitting one of the buttons on the initial screen.

I Dare You! Full is the same as I Dare You!(Free) except it has the highest rated XXX dares enabled. The game is very much like "Truth or Dare" except there are no "Truths" to be chosen. Instead, all players are dared to do something. It could be asking a personal question that is similar to a "Truth", or doing an act either alone or with another player. Each player can set their risk level that they are most comfortable with. We didn't want other players in the group make any one player play out of their comfort zone so we included risk levels for each player.

Players will sit in a circle or opposite each other. Each player enters their name, gender and risk level. Then while pointing to the center of the circle or to the opposite player, they push the "Enter Player" button. The game will remember where in the player circle you are sitting and point to you when the random dare is yours to perform.

Players will be dared to perform some task or action. The other players get a chance to rate (score) that player's performance in completing the dare. This sets up expectations by the group but can be ignored if you so choose. There is a warmup period where the dares are kept in the PG-13, then adult level when players have selected the higher Risky or XXX levels. We felt people needed to get into the game before things heated up.

Spin the Bottle is the classic game. You must enter players names and genders while seated in the group circle of players. This way it will remember where you are. No risk levels or age checks are required since the group makes up the rules.


  • Mature Theme - XXX rated explicit dares.
  • Animated pointer will point to the next player.
  • Different sounds for the different levels of Risk builds suspense!
  • "G" for general dares for the faint of heart.
  • "PG-13" for every day teen and up dares.
  • "Adult" Dares for mature groups with a slight element of sensual risk.
  • "Risky" Dares for some very erotic entertainment
  • "XXX" Dares for explicit sexual activities that are outrageously sexy.
  • Different risk levels for each player
  • Edit player risk level mid-game
  • Keep Score for each player. Members of the player group give a rating of player's performance.
  • Phone or tablet

Our Philosophy and a Note About Age:

We believe that adults can choose how to conduct themselves in private. We give you choice on how risky you would like to be when getting dares - especially among friends. But if all players agree on the erotic riskyness of the game, you can have an astoundingly good time. Individual players may want to choose less risky behavior and we give them that option. We don't believe any player should be bullied into doing something they don't want to do. Just change your risk level then tap the pointer to make the current dare go away to the next player dare.
When playing I Dare You! XXX, in order to set a risk level higher than PG-13, you MUST check the "I'm 18+" box otherwise you cannot select Adult or higher risk levels. Some of the Adult and higher risk Dares can be somewhat controversial if the player is not comfortable doing "Adult" or "Risky" sexually oriented things.

Note: Only this Full version of I Dare You! contains "XXX" dares and provides some really wicked and sexy adult fun. Find the full adult version at the Google Play Store

There are no age limitations for Spin the Bottle.

WARNING NOTICE: By downloading and playing this game and checking the 'I'm 18+' checkbox, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years old, that you are not considered a minor, and are old enough to play this game in your community or domicile. You also acknowledge that you are aware of, and understand the standards and laws of your local community regarding sexually oriented materials and take full responsibility for your actions. Furthermore, by checking the 'Over 18' box, you agree and understand that this is a game intended for MATURE audiences and Adult fun. You further acknowledge that you are solely responsible for your use of this game and that you will not perform any dares that you are uncomfortable performing. Furthermore, you acknowledge that you are voluntarily choosing to play this game and will not permit any players under the age of legal consent to check the 'I'm 18+' box. You are also agreeing to hold harmless the publisher of this game and any of it's employees, owners and operators from any responsibilities or liabilities relating to or arising out of your use of this game and or the Adult language and actions contained herein.

This full featured release contains "XXX" dares. These dares are very explicit and may not be for everyone. If you enjoy interacting with other people when you're naked or nearly naked, this is the version for you. The free version has no XXX dares but maintains all the Adult and Risky adventures you can imagine.

Find the free version at the Google Play Store

Read about the free version here.
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